Sunday, November 28, 2010

Entering the Geobloggosphere

Hello readers!

I am an Earth Science graduate student at the University of Ottawa, in the National Capital Region of Canada. Throughout my life I have become fascinated by the raw power we humans bear witness to. It is thus, not surprising, that I have chosen geology as my academic path with a particular emphasis on volcanoes and lava. I earned my B.Sc. degree in geology from the University of Alaska Fairbanks in 2009.

I am currently conducting research on the cooling history of Obsidian Dome near the Long Valley Caldera utilizing field observations and analytical data from the lab. My vision for this blog is twofold:

1. To post particularly interesting stories from news reports regarding volcanic activity, geologic hazards in general and provide my analysis and commentary regarding these,

2. To post my latest musings, thoughts and other interesting items from the field.

As a graduate student, I am understandably quite busy doing research and coursework, so my posting frequency will probably be on the order of 1 to 3 postings per week, depending on my workload.

Enjoy my blog, and please provide feedback!

~Cole K.


  1. Welcome aboard. Subscribed!

    This should make you feel right at home: Obsidian Dome, June 2005. I'm looking forward to reading lots more about your field area - it's a keeper!

  2. Welcome! I love the eastern Sierra, and look forward to your explorations.

  3. Thanks for tuning in! I fully second with Gary's opinion: I love the eastern Sierras to! Ron's photo certainly brings back memories of field work there. Hopefully I'll be back next summer.

    Again, thanks for your comments!

    ~Cole K.